What you see is not just another body part with
some lines and wrinkles.

Hands have built small homes and big civilizations. Hands have touched humanity. Hands have communicated when words couldn’t. And hands have told us that everything possible, if only one tries.

As creators, we connect with hands and the power they have. Hence, it was fitting that our Corporate Profile be an ode to this wonderful part of us, without which creation would have no meaning.

We now leave this document in your hands. Hope you cherish it as much as we do.

years of excellence

The last few decades have been phenomenal for us!
We transformed real estate skylines: With more than 10,000 aesthetic homes and premier commercial spaces.
We grew firm roots in financial markets: With 8 years worth expertise in trading shares and thriving in the ever volatile markets.
We diversified our presence: With our multiple projects and financial clients spread far and wide across India.
Today, standing at the dawn of our Silver Era, Happy Group is humbled by all that we’ve achieved till date. And excited to unravel the milestones that the next numerous decades hold.
Here’s to excellence that just gets better with time!

Healing lives.
Making a difference.

No business can remain detached from the society and function.
Hence at Happy Group, we have taken the responsibility of making at least our part of the world better, by supporting various causes, organizing fundraisers and awareness campaigns and partnering with institutions that do the same.
We’re proud to have our hands in creating smiles and a hopeful tomorrow.